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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Muffys Business Tips

As technology advances at alarming rates, businesses are continually developing their processes and finding more cost-effective ways of achieving thier goals. However every so often I am surprised to discover some simple solutions which can support this vision.

One of these things is the realisation that only a small percentage of companies are using the internet to deliver their customers correspondence and reap great benifits. The technology to do this has been around for a long time now; its not hard to convert documents into PDF format and send them to their customers email address. Of course, not every consumer wants to receive their correspondence like that - particularly the older generation. A lot of people also like to physically store their letters. But for the people who do want to receive their bills this way can store their documents on their computer - better organisation and much less clutter.

But importantly, think of all the benifits to the business:
No postage
Customers receive their correspondence instantly (as opposed to 2 business days through regular post)
Savings on paper
Savings on ink cartridges
Savings on envelopes

As a case study, imagine a company who has 10,000 customers. The company offers their customers the option to recieve their correspondence via email. Even if so many as half of those customers accept this offer, then in one billing cycle the company has saved 5,000 mail outs. Thats 5,000 * 50c = $2,500. So right off the bat - without considering the savings of paper and ink - the business has saved itself $2,500.

Keep in mind, by reducing the amount of hard copy documentation there is a substantial benifit to the environment too.

So why aren't there more companies moving in this direction? It's a simple way to reduce costs.


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